Fuck Yeah, Favorite Lady Characters

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"A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight, can rule, can conquer, can destroy - just as much as a man can." - Zoe Saldana

My favorite fictional ladies.


Bet you wish you’d run away with me when you had the chance.

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Persuasion (TV mini-series 1971)
Directed by Howard Baker

Persuasion (TV mini-series 1971)

Directed by Howard Baker

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eight songs {7/8} ▬ watch what happens from newsies

give life’s little guys some ink / and when it dries / just watch what happens / these kids will live and breathe right on the page / and once they’re center stage / you watch what happens

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Get to know me meme | (1/5) female characters → Ginny Weasley

I couldn’t think what to get you, I didn’t know what would be useful. Nothing too big, because you wouldn’t be able to take it with you. So then I thought, I’d like you to have something to remember me by, you know, if you meet some veela when you’re off doing whatever your doing.

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The Princess and the Frog parallels

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