Fuck Yeah, Favorite Lady Characters

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"A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight, can rule, can conquer, can destroy - just as much as a man can." - Zoe Saldana

My favorite fictional ladies.


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unpopular characters meme → a character you’re meant to hate but love instead - Duchess

(okay I don’t think I’m supposed to flat-out hate her but I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to love her as much as I do xD)

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Vikings Season 2 ‘Fight your Fate’

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like wow i really love tonks???

  • shes super interested in knowing who lost their buttock after moody claims it happened to wizards before
  • shes the one who sent the dursleys that fake letter to get them out of the house
  • dont call me nymphadora, remus! sExUaL tEnSiON
  • 'omg moody u know thats disgusting right' after he pops out his magical eye to clean it
  • i love how she thinks the dursleys’ house is a little too clean and once she gets into harrys messy ass room shes all like ooh this is better
  • changing her hair from violet spikes to pink spikes ~*~*~*
  • shes so endearing and so clumsy and warm and friendly and helps him pack even though her attempt at magically folding his socks just make them wiggle feebly aw
  • shes impressed and even a bit envious of harrys firebolt, clearly loves flying, omg james would fucking adore her
  • remus has a+++ taste
  • 'wand still in ur jeans? both buttocks still on? ok, lets go' how do people not fucking love her to bits omg
  • her sass is on point, teasing mad-eye and rolling her eyes when moody isnt looking but he could still see her lmao
  • ' - the others keep flying, don't stop, don't break ranks. If they take out all of us and you survive, Harry, the rear guard are standing by to take over; keep flying east and they'll join you.'
        ‘Stop being so cheerful, Mad-Eye, he’ll think we’re not taking this seriously,’ said Tonks, as she strapped Harry’s trunk and Hedwig’s cage into a harness hanging from her broom.
  • remus was totes checking her out the entire time
  • fucking shit up in the kitchen by tripping everywhere ugh so precious so eager to help
  • entertaining ginny and hermione by transforming her face
  • cheering harry up before his hearing and patting him on the arm 
  • cheering harry up again by telling him she wasnt made prefect either bc she never behaved herself at hogwarts
  • aka remus’ soulmate, omg
  • james is cheerleading for them in wizarding heaven
  • tonks listening intently to ron wax poetic about his new broom even though no one else gave him the time of day
  •   ‘It’s been great meeting all of you,’ said Tonks, hugging Hermione and Ginny. ‘We’ll see you soon, I expect.’
  • and thats only the beginning of ootp? thats not counting the rest of the book + book 6 & 7
  • tonks u spicy electric motherfucker, no wonder remus got his panties in a bunch over u, u saucy minx u

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